Special Editions: Rose
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Corral Boots - Summer 2022

Congratulations on your Special Edition Rose Boots

Accomplished leather and boot making artisans spent hundreds of hours of meticulously handcrafting to create your new pair of boots, hatband and box.

Limited Edition 2022
Limited Edition 2022


A very limited 60 pairs of rose boots have been developed for you who appreciates the worth of a limited one of a kind art piece.

Limited Edition 2022

Your Certificate

Inside your box you will find a Certificate of Authenticity that identifies you as the owner of a pair of limited Special Edition boots. You will also find on the sole of your boots the number your pair holds in the Special Edition run.

Limited Edition 2022
Limited Edition 2022
Limited Edition 2022

Tie Your Hat Band Properly

There are several ways of tying correctly your hat band. You want to have a tight fit without causing wrinkles or affecting your beautiful hat.
Your elected pattern should have a even tension across the whole segment so the band rests evenly across the surface.
Feel free to try this simple proposed pattern and knot.

Limited Edition 2022

After cutting the finest and carefully inspected leathers, artisans hand-tooled the beautiful Rose motif on every visible part of the each pair.
The next step involved careful hand-painting in order to make the beautiful roses and designs come alive.
Your hat band and special edition box have followed the same rigorous process.

As you may have noticed, the full Limited Edition Rose Experience is completed when you open the fine leather tooled and hand painted box.An aroma of roses invading the room, giving homage to our motif.


Use a dry cloth to remove dust and other materials after every use. (You can use the inside of the bag that the boots come in to polish and clean). Please remember that your boots are a work of art and should be treated with care in order to preserve them from bumps, scratches and bruises that could affect its beauty.


Your new status as a VIP Customer entitles you to: